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Keras Leaderboard from Strata AI

Back in April 2019, I gave a presentation at Strata AI on a prototype API to track model development metadata for reproducibility using a simple 3-layer 2D CNN for a basic image classification

Setting up the NVIDIA Jetson TX2

I'm starting to do a lot more with GPUs. At my company, I'm one over several data scientists that routinely access our cluster of 4 Titan cards. It's an older cluster, but we're

RegEx and News APIs

It's been a very long time since my last blog post, although I've been updating this one, as recently as yesterday under the "Troubleshooting&

Basic `scp` command to up/download

Fantastic! You finally followed all the tutorials and stood up your first Amazon AMI Deep Learning Notebook.!/book/deep-learning-with-python/appendix-b https://kenophobio.