Why the pic?

One of the reasons I chose a Jackson Pollock painting, specifically called Untitled (so many are called Untitled, right?) ca. 1950 is because I read that Pollock's movement into black was a method of purifying his method. It challenged what others thought of him thus far, but pioneered his language moving forward.


"It is part of the transition of the black paintings that Pollock starts to resuscitate or bring back to life some of the figuration that had previously dominated in his painting," said Gavin Delahunty.

Did anybody rush out to buy them? "No, sadly, not," said Delahunty. "People were confused; 'Why would someone who has just developed a new language of painting go off on a tangent?' But it was Pollock distilling and purifying everything he had learned."

Reference: http://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/the-art-of-jackson-pollock/22/

This all really speaks to me, as someone self-taught in programming and data science. I believe I've been doing data science before it was en-vogue to call it such. I was pretty good at many things before, and many have questioned why I would go off on a tangent, too. I think data science and machine learning helps to purify everything analytically I've been taught before and resets a whole new mindset.

Hope you all enjoy this blog.

Catherine Ordun

I like data science and I like to challenge myself. I also like to run, bake cakes, and drink beer. Big X-Files, Penny Dreadful, and Batman fan.

Washington, D.C.

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